Understanding Razor Coil Wire: Black Teen Training (?) In Obama-Biden

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    The Wall Street Journal apparently discovered blacks, again, this week. This time it appears to include the "ones" with male and female black parents both, not just "The One."

    They are famous for precision reporting, unless it's the other one: The New York Times, or the Post or something.

    Minimum Wage Increase Leads to Higher Teen Unemployment Rate - WSJ.com

    When they come right down to it, explaining the record teen unemployment, with black unemployment in the same group exceeding the not-unusual 50%, that is even normal(?): ". . .the biggest explanation is of course the bad economy."

    Therefore the article is about the Minimum Wage. Apparently in a sour economy, then businesses don't pay wages, and even fire people, and lay them off! This bit of economic, news, apparently, has even caught the West Wing by surprise. These people went to Ivy League school, and had no clue that this could happen.

    Therefore, studies are reported that show that even in better times, then employers still prefer to hire experienced labor, with skills that enable them to do their jobs.

    In other words, Minimum and Living Wages are the problem.

    The WSJ editorial board: Appears to have gone to the same schools as the Obamas, and even Mrs. Biden, and where the. . . .Sidwell graduates will be going, (after learning how do basketball, and be flaunted, on a girls team, no doubt(?)).

    Clearly, school, and the training, is not the problem(?)! The Ivy League seems to know this for certain!

    There are no jobs in the current recovery. There is funding for community college teachers, instead. Creating jobs and training would have been the older approach! That would probably be the Lyndon Johnson, kind of approach, as opposed to the "Reagan Trajectory," approach!


    "Crow: James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (What does anyone say about. . . . .anyone's offspring with the pricey skills, even in The Colonies? These children don't get "kept," behind the walls!)
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