Google celebrates 41st Anniversary of an Ape called "Lucy."

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    My theory is you can have a created world that evolved into all that exists to date. The Rat Fish has been on earth, unchanged...for 150,000,000 years. Just think how long it took nature, nature that was created by God to come up with that perfect predator?

    Human nature came up with the 7 day Creation story...because mankind, when it finally came around...had no conception of millions of years...and it had to come up with a story to tell the kids who wondered where all this came from. Accountants came along after man learned to count. That is when science began. Religion is a child of narcissism. To believe...religiously...that the world (and all the fishes on it) was created in 7 days, one has to suspend belief in the science of counting years, especially the science of counting them backwards through archaeological evidence and scientific enumeration of findings

    To posit that all currently existing species of life came into being in their present forms in an instant (or a single day) is incredible in light of the millions of species, both animal and vegetation and their interdependence upon each other and the intricate, evolved configurations. To posit that dinosaurs and mankind existed simultaneously is equally incredible.

    God created all that exists way back at the Big Bang. Evolution started when hydrogen atoms began to cluster and evolve into the heavier at a time. (BTW, the Earth owes it habitability to Fe and the fact the it spins at one revolution per day on a tilted axis as it orbits the sun once per year as the moon sloshes the oceans back and forth).

    Creation is not a myth. Neither is Evolution.
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    I think that is far more likely than any of the creation myths that linger on still today.

    I just watched on youtube a debate about evolution between Dr. Kent Hovind and Dr. Michael Shermer. Dr. Hovind's, who is a great speaker, arguments were either a critique of Darwinian evolution based on misunderstandings, misconstrued facts or assumptions, and evangelical fundamentalist biblical beliefs. He made no positive argument for his literal interpretation creation hypothesis. And that's the biggest problem with young earth creationism. There is no positive argument that can be made scientifically.

    I don't believe your hypothesis, but I don't believe in the Big Bang or evolution either. Belief isn't necessary to understand that both theories are simply the current best explanations of the available information. There is no need to substitute belief for knowledge.

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