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Discussion in 'Middle East - General' started by ekrem, Jan 30, 2006.

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    Hello. I will shortly state some facts which are primarily only in Turkish concern. Secundarily they have to do with USA.

    Jack Straw made an official visit to North-Cyprus to meet KKTC-President Mehmet Talat in his official government building in North-Cyprus. This is a novum, a foreign Politician comes official to KKTC. A de-facto recognizing of KKTC by UK.
    2 months ago, Condoleeza Rice invited him to Washington to the foreign states department. Also a novum.
    US and UK pressuring Greek Papadopoulus on the island and Europeans to come to a solution in this conflict which is not that bad for Turkey.

    Now: Talabani says:

    Autonomy for Turkmens in North-Iraq is good. They will live under Turcoman laws and not ruled by Kurds. Very good.


    Kerkük/Kirkuk: Kurds are trying to get Kirkuk into Kurdish control. In the interim government, because of lack of Sunnites, Kurds achieved to put a law in the constitution which says: "Referendum in Kerkük in 2007 whether people there will join KRG-Government or not".
    Turkey opposes any thing like that going Kerkük under Kurdish rule.

    Now Turkish Security Council Secretary Alpogan is in USA. There he says following statement after talks with USA:

    Alpogan: Kerkuk Referendum may Change

    Obviously it will change. Either Referendum will be cancelled or the referendum will be held nationwide in Iraq.

    Good things happening for Turkey in different areas, which obviously comes from USA and UK.
    But there is still things to do.
    And i think those other issues will be solved soon. When Iran-debate dram,atizing more, these issues of Turkey will sooner be solved by those who need Turkey.
    Poker at its best. :salute:
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    Northeast US
    Unfortunately, I have not followed the events in Turkey, so your insights would be and are very helpful.

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