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    The American Defense and Research Agency DARPA has introduced the concept of the Glide Breaker interceptor, which its creators suppose will be able to withstand Russian and Chinese hypersonic weapons. The DARPA interceptor's concept was presented at the D60 exhibition, which was held in the US on September 5-7, timed to the 60th anniversary agency.

    The DARPA statement says that Glide Breaker should expand the capabilities of the United States to protect against supersonic weapons and all classes of hypersonic threats. More detailed device of the new device in the agency was not presented.

    In mid-August it was reported that the American military-industrial corporation Lockheed Martin received an order from the US Air Force to develop a prototype of the newest hypersonic aeroballistic missile.

    "The Americans will now spend tens of billions of dollars to find the means of countering the" Dagger ". And then these funds will not give them one hundred percent protection. Russia in a more advantageous situation, it spends money more precisely, and the Americans will try to catch up somehow, outstrip the local segment of weapons. The United States finds itself in the role of the USSR, which tore itself away from attempts to catch up with America during the Cold War. We have exchanged places, we are making optimal expenditures, and the Americans are being drawn into an increasingly disastrous for them and senseless arms race, "said Russian military expert Igor Korotchenko.

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