Getting the Sanctions Right

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    Sanctions - Before It's Too Late
    By Richard Z. Chesnoff, The New York Daily News
    January 30, 2006

    Some believe that only military action will stop the Iranian nuclear march. Rest assured, contingency plans have already been drawn up in more than one world capital - Israel's included.

    But there are other options. One, suggested by the Committee on the Present Danger's policy paper includes a series of smart sanctions - economic embargos and restrictions that target the Iranian leaders, not the Iranian people.

    For example: some 35% of Iran's lucrative import-export business is directly controlled by corrupt mullahs and their crooked minions who've grown fat on oil and business profits. Put the squeeze on them.

    Another would be to create an international tribunal that would gather evidence and begin to try the mullahs for human rights offenses against their own people, not to mention their ongoing open support of terrorism.

    The Iranians have begun moving government funds out of Western financial institutions. But they can't hide them everywhere.

    There is also a desperate need to increase open support for legitimate Iranian opposition groups. The global fight with Iran is with its government, not its long suffering people. Iran doesn't need war. It needs a regime change.

    The din of the alarm is deafening. Putting our fingers in our ears would be a tragic mistake, one we could all live to regret - if we survive.

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    Iran sanctions deal made law without Obama signature...
    Iran sanctions deal made law without Obama
    Fri, Dec 16, 2016 - In an unexpected reversal, US President Barack Obama declined to sign a renewal of sanctions against Iran, but let it become law anyway, in an apparent bid to alleviate Tehran’s concerns that the US is backsliding on the nuclear deal.

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