Georgian authorities to rob banks

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    ... A group of masked men attack the collector car. Everything is well thought out and planned. The route of the car is known in advance. Several people held hostage ... It reminds us the screenplay of a Hollywood blockbuster of the early 90s, doesn’t it?
    However, this is not the case. Such things really happen in modern Georgia: on October 18, Georgian police (apparently, fans of American movies) arrested the employees of the bank “Cartu” owned by famous businessman Bidzina Ivanishvili. Six car collectors, transporting cash from the "Bank of Georgia" to the “Cartu” bank were attacked by the police and put in jail.
    According to investigators, the car was carrying "too much money," that seemed suspicious to them. Apparently, it seems to be a crime in Georgia now. It is not clear why the authorities have detained only unsuspecting performers, not the "customer" - Mr. Ivanishvili? Just like in the movies: you have to pass through fire, water and copper pipes to get the main "villain". But who’s the "villain"?
    The authorities are trying to make such a villain of a well-known businessman. As soon as Mr. Ivanishvili stated that he intends to create a political party and actually confront the regime of President Saakashvili, the authorities immediately started to suspect the involvement of Moscow. "In order to finance its activities," they think. And the money that the collector car was carrying was the “Moscow money”.
    It turns out that the Georgian authorities do not believe that someone without the help of third parties can create an effective political force? It turns out that the country's leadership has openly stated that today in Georgia may not be the opposition, and can only be dispersed political parties, which, according to those same authorities, cannot agree on anything.
    The situation is heating up. The press and the Internet discuss the latest events. People like Irakli Alasania (leader of the "Free Democrats"), for example, declared that "the fact, carried out by the Georgian authorities against Bidzina Ivanishvili, is nothing but extremism."
    "I am convinced that none of these facts will be able to intimidate the opposition parties that are customized real opposition. It is a struggle, and we expected that struggle to be that hard "- Alasania said after meeting with U.S. Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, who, incidentally, paid visit to Georgia after all the recent events.
    The press service of Mr. Ivanishvili reported that "the Georgian government began an open, aggressive and criminal attack on B. Ivanishvili."
    "The authorities act in violation of the Constitution, all international standards and constitute political persecution", - underlined in the message of the press service.
    One of the leaders of the Georgian Republican Party Tina Khidasheli also gave her assessment of the situation. She believes that "the Georgian authorities were not able to stand those new challenges that have emerged since Bidzina Ivanishvili had entered politics."
    "The government itself, with its characteristic style is trying to kill a healthy political life in the country and leave no opportunity for healthy competition. The choice of the Georgian authorities still remains in using the police against all those people who actively show their different opinion. Mikhail Saakashvili and his regime has chosen a very shameful way "- says Khidasheli.
    There are numerous statements on the subject. But there’s no action. No protests or rallies. It is worth remembering, for example the audit of "Palitra". It’s the same situation now, but Ivanishvili offices are being checked. Nobody likes it, everyone expresses negative opinion, but de facto, everything remains as it is.
    Although the Georgian authorities, perhaps unwittingly do free advertising for Ivanishvili. People talk about it, people discuss it. Isn’t it the essence of PR?
    Obviously, quite a significant player appeared on the political scene in Georgia today. The question is: can he change anything? Will he defeat the main villain? In many ways the audience can give an answer on this question itself.

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