Gallup 9/21: People Starting To Connect Obama To Economy!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mascale, Sep 29, 2011.

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    Mostly Galllup polls are reported that show one or another candidate having some chance, no chance, or being sent to the Eastern Front--Along the passes into Pakistan. Jewish people celebrating New Year's Day have possibly (not) noticed that just like in Third Reich of atrocities, that again they were supportive of the law, during the foreclosure crisis.

    That was Bush. Now the economy has stabilized, and even Europe is barely beginning to stabilize. People still credit Bush with the current economy, but now Obama is getting his share of the association with the current U. S. Economy.

    In U.S., Slight Majority Now Blame Obama for U.S. Economy

    The bad news was all about the Republicans. Nw the connection with the better times current is being noticed as being Obama-created!

    The most recent report of weekly unemployment claims filings is below 400,000 again. It has recently been there before. The Japanese weather and disturbance crises are becoming long ago. The wild U. S. winter weather is now becoming long ago. Doing an East Coast daily commute no longer required a life jacket and a paddle. Soon it may even rain in Texas.

    QE2 was ended in June, with effects showing up now nearing the year-end holday season. Business credit had started to become available, again, at the beginning of summer. A slow but perceptible increase of property values is under way.

    Location may be everything, but timing works well too!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Challengers to Great Half-Wit Father in Washington have no comment on their plans for economy or taxes--except the one going, "Nein!" "Nein!" "Nein!" on a planet far, far away from Lands of Many Nations!)
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    South Texas
    Also, the upcoming winter along with next year's hurricanes may be a key reason as to why our economy is still lagging...........
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    The irrefutable evidence of the disastrous effect of the Commie/Socialist agenda of the Monumental Fraud Obama should be inescapable to anyone who is not completely brainwashed by their racism (blacks), generational commitment to the Dem Party, and being liberal psychotics. And, admittedly, the successful bribery of the Latino vote.

    The inability of this significant number of voters not to be able to override the disastrous reality is still puzzling to me.

    But most puzzling to me is the Jewish vote.

    Due to their unique historical background, as persecuted human beings, it is patently obvious why they have a distinct liberal bias.

    However, they are also noted as a people known for their savvy.

    Yet, the overwhelming number of them have their heads buried so deep in their arses that they are completely unaware that they are committing political suicide. Ed Koch including.

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