G.O.P. 2012 Campaign Slogans

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    GOP Campaign Slogans​

    1. THE GOP ON THE ECONOMY: We screwed the US economy and then pinned it on Obama. Now it’s our turn to wreak permanent havoc on the economy.

    2. THE GOP ON TERROISM: While Obama was wasting time chasing Bin Laden, we were focused on the important national issues, like that birth certificate…

    3. THE GOP ON TAXES: More tax cuts for the wealthy. Corporations need welfare too!

    4. THE GOP ON MEDICARE: Watch us take away your Medicare benefits, just in time for the Baby-Boomers’ retirement.

    5. THE GOP ON CORE VALUES: We stick to America’s core values (like taking away union bargaining rights) so that corporate lobbyists can keep us in power forever.

    6. THE GOP ON THE NATIONAL DEBT: The GOP has the best track record for running up the national debt (except when the Dems are in office—then we take the US economy hostage in order to pass our agenda and look like fiscal conservatives).

    7. THE GOP ON THE ENVIRONMENT: Global Warming is a figment of the Dems’ imaginations. Screw the environment! America needs more jobs (like the ones we didn’t create during the Bush years).

    8. THE GOP ON OBAMA: Obama the Terrorist! (Oh, darn, he actually DID take down Bin Laden…) Obama the Socialist! (although most of his ideas are Centrist and in-sync with what Americans want from govt) Obama the Liar! (Well, there was that campaign promise that never came true…) Obama the Illegal Alien! (Actually, that birth certificate disproved that as well). Obama’s Health Care is too Radical! (although it is based mostly on the same ideas proposed by Nixon). Obama the …guy who actually has a vision for a better America even though it doesn’t directly benefit the wealthy, so how could it be any good?

    9. THE GOP ON FOREIGN POLICY: Obama shoes too much respect for US enemies. Dissing the leaders we don’t like is the only foreign policy we need. Calling Iran and DPRK the “Axis of Evil” worked wonders for US foreign policy!

    10. THE GOP ON BI-PARTISANSHIP: We don’t need new ideas. We just say “No” regardless of how it may benefit America. And when in doubt, we filibuster!

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