friggin 59 is up wit dat?

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    anyway, Manning was sharp overall, tipped ball, rubber receiver hands....and a 59 wife says I took it remarkably well. When you lose to a 60 yard field goal...what can you say?

    to my dubious credit scored with a minute left, I told her I would say screw'it and go for 2 for the win...the jags had been driving the ball all day well. Caldwell aint a George Allen or fact hes lifeless and I think he blows anyway.

    Oh other news on the bitch front-

    twice in the space of 30 minutes did I see one of the most infuriating, greedy , selfish and stupid moves by players....

    steelers vs ravens , ravens ahead by 3, pitt on their own 3 yard line, Batch the Pit QB gets whacked he fumbles the ball , balls hits the ground raven defender at the 2 yard line trys to pick it up and run it in...., the dumb lummox muffs it , pile on, steelers get the ball back....

    49ers/Falcons, 1 minute 20 seconds left, 49ers ahead by 1, falcons driving, the 49ers db intercepts, what does he do? he takes off down field...gets chased of course, a falcon player comes right up behind him from his blind side, punches the ball out and recovers...falcons drive kick win.....

    I played ball in HS for 2 years...I know one thing, it was drilled into us at 16 years jump on the ball....don't be a hero. You intercept or pick up a fumble ( which you shouldn't unless you are way down and are desperate) with under 2 minutes? out of your side of the field? ? you have the lead? you go down....

    theres not a 2 week period this shit doesn't happen. players today have to much other crap in their heads other than their profession and are are to full of themselves inho. Maybe the need the Name rep. so they can a Doritos commercial?....

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