French police arrest 11 Islamic terrorist suspects

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    French police arrest 11 Islamic terrorist suspects

    French anti-terrorist teams seize arms and ammunition after swooping on suspects in Marseille, Avignon and Bordeaux

    Ian Traynor in Brussels, Kim Willsher in Paris and Declan Walsh in Islamabad, Tuesday 5 October 2010 20.13 BST

    French security forces arrested 11 suspected Islamic extremists in raids across southern France today, reinforcing fears of a renewed wave of terror attacks in Europe after warnings at the weekend from the US and British governments.

    The anti-terrorist police detained eight people in Marseille and Avignon after an investigation into a Paris-based Muslim organisation. Separately, three people were held near Bordeaux and Marseille, amid growing fears of a strike by al-Qaida-affiliated militants based in north Africa.

    France has been on its second highest alert against a possible terrorist attack for the past fortnight. The US government, in a warning repeated by the British, issued a travel alert for Europe at the weekend.


    A US drone killed five Germans in the Afghan-Pakistan border area on Monday, Pakistani sources said. German authorities declined to confirm details. Officials in Germany have been scathing about what they see as US alarmism peddled before midterm elections in November.​

    French police arrest 11 Islamic terrorist suspects | World news | The Guardian

    Good for the French.

    And, it's October. If this is the surprise, I don't really care. It's good news.

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