G20 Leader - U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron ....

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    Despite his short political career, Cameron's prominence allowed his ascension to prime minister in May 2010, with the age of 43.
    Cameron graduated summa cum laude from Oxford University, and was readily accepted as an outstanding elite. As a young Parliament member, he enjoys mountain biking and indie rock music.
    He had 2 sons and a daughter but his eldest son passed away last year due to epilepsy at the age of only 6. Therefore he is a strong advocate of providing help to the handicapped.
    Cameron is popular in UK as a competent politician with a sense of wit, passionate will, kind heart, and good looks.
    Cameron is the youngest leader to participate in the G20 Summit and is very interested in the G20 Summit enough to take related matters into his own hands.
    Prime minister's differentiated role in the G20 Summit and the synergistic effect with other G20 leaders are much anticipated.
    We hope that the G20 leaders will be able to finish off the Summit successfully.

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