France Roundly Rejects Market-Despsing Mitt Romney Brand! Socialists Win Instead!

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    Greece may likely follow along with socialist markets promoting spending in the stores. The Romney Brand, like the Rep. Ryan brand, famously opposes spending--especially in lower and middle income neighborhood stores! France appears willing to do a more Keynesian program instead. That kind of program would engage boots on the ground, with shovel-ready projects. The Romney brand tends toward the Bush=Cheney-Reagan-Bush, "Ronald Reagan prooved deficits don't matter," agenda. Deficit spending all goes to the rich and already prosperous, only. High Unemployment becomes the outcome. Bill Clinton then goes on to win!

    France: After Election Defeat, Conservatives Face Questions | World |

    Anyone recalls that Vice-President Biden was for shovel-ready projects, himself: Even in the Obama-Biden Administration.

    Jesus Christ famously told the rich young ruler to become redistributive, of his own wealth: Take all that hast, sell it off, and even support Multiple Sclerosis cures, even for other people(?)! Famously, the Romneys refuse to even try to do that. Senator McCain's old woman was so market unfriendly, they famously couldn't even count their houses, much less their shoes. Hast-taken was not on the Sedona area radar, famous for its commie(?) Red Rocks!

    France appears finally appears ready to not only do the counting, but the accounting. Greece may finally be ready to do the counting, and the accounting--and maybe even tax collecting(?)!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Mainly Reds all know about Rocking--and even about spelunking(?)! The Swiss likely understand about the spelunking(?) themselves!)

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