Four Seasons (Budapest): Tourist Thermometer

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    The Gresham Palace (Gresham-palota) is a building in Budapest, Hungary; it is an example of Art Nouveau architecture. Completed in 1906 as an office and apartment building, it is today the Four Seasons Hotel Budapest Gresham Palace, a luxury hotel managed by Four Seasons Hotels. It is located along the River Danube, adjacent to Széchenyi Square and the eastern terminus of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge (source of information: Wikipedia).

    The Four Seasons Budapest is a terrific example of well-placed tourism/travel 'scaling,' which is why its website offers readers a great 'panascope' of its operations/offerings. Do you want to go to Hungary? Do you want to stay at a great hotel? Such questions are addressed by the informative website (which is what I mean by 'scaling' or surveying).

    Imagine that the U.S government awards its current team of US Navy Seals a special vacation package to Budapest and lodges the team-members at the Four Seasons. The job of the team is to stay comfortably in Hungary while inspecting the street-life and doing covert inspection missions while doing tours of governmental buildings and visits to municipal offices. It sounds like a James Bond movie, but modern conveniences allow business establishments (such as the Four Seasons Budapest) to present 'online virtual tours' that really give visitors a 'taste' of ambience.

    That's why I recommend this hotel for any group planning a meaningful event/vacation.

    I wanted to see Budapest just after visiting the Four Seasons website, which is why the 'Atlantisz Könyvsziget' is such an appealing tourist destination for me.

    There's nothing wrong with some 'atmospheric optimism' (makes for fun on-the-go 'tourist-courage storytelling').

    Besides, who else is sick of fearing tourism because of terrorism??? Maybe President Trump will talk about that someday.


    DUKE: Uncle Sam has really put us up nicely this time.
    SNAKE-EYES: The Four Seasons makes Budapest...better.
    DUKE: Don't get too comfy; our job to fish out ISIS agents operating in Europe.
    SNAKE-EYES: Do you think the hotel is safe for us?
    DUKE: Oh yeah! The CIA went to great lengths to secure our 'cordial visit.'
    SNAKE-EYES: I can't wait to dry the hotel food and cocktails.
    DUKE: Well, it's not a timeshare, so stay focused on work, but the website reveals great amenities.
    SNAKE-EYES: At least they didn't just drop us down in Tel Aviv or Baghdad.
    DUKE: If you need to station yourself in Europe, then Four Seasons Budapest is a great 'veil.'
    SNAKE-EYES: I agree. We'll have to ask President Trump to give this place 2 thumbs up!


    Four Seasons Budapest (Website)

    four_seasons_gresham_palace_view.jpg four-seasons2.jpg


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