Former Hannity.Com Members -- READ AND HEED

Discussion in 'Announcements and Feedback' started by Gunny, Jul 20, 2009.

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    Enough is enough. Some of you have come here with good intentions. Some not so good. USMB is NOT your personal little playground to continue your petty-ass pissing contests from another board. This has been repeatedly told you by the staff over the past couple of weeks and some of you just can't seem to lock onto it.

    If you want to continue your BS, go THERE and do it. What's the point of coming to this board if all you want to do is recreate the mess you already have?

    For the past couple of weeks I have watched some you driving my mods crazy with your behavior and no amount of polite requests, hints, nor even warnings seems to phase you.

    You take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere here, and the relaxed nature of the staff in general. You're disrupting this board and turning it into a zoo.

    For that reason, the mods are no longer in play here, on this particular issue. You'll knock off the shit or I'll shitcan you. Period. If you're here to contribute, then contribute. If you're here just to screw with this board, and it's members, and drag your laundry from another board, you're done.

    Aren't you people supposed to be adults? Christ, it scares me some of you actually are registered to vote.
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