Former CNN exec cited for putting dog poop in mailbox

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    COVINGTON, Ga. -- Just what would your neighbor have to do to make you so mad, you would leave a bag of dog poop in his mailbox?

    We tried to ask Bob Furnad that question. Police say he's the guy in home surveillance video, captured by Benjamin Dameron and Ralph Miller. The security camera was mounted to the front gate of their Covington home.

    In the video you see Furnad walking his dog past their house. When he gets to the mailbox he stops to open it and insert the bag of poop.

    Dameron said they watched the video tape to see whe would do such a thing. "Expecting to see a child doing a prank. No more," he said.

    Instead, he said he found one of his neighbors -- a man who was once an UGA instructor and executive at CNN. Dameron said he couldn't believe his eyes. "There was a moment for us to rewind, there was a moment for police to rewind, no one could believe it," Dameron said.

    Furnad told police it was retribution for slander. He now faces a $180 fine for littering, down from the original charge discussed of trepassing.

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