Five years since 9-11

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    It is soon 5 years since two planes flew right into the towers in New York and one flew right into Pentagon and a fourth krashed in Pennsylvania. Oh my 5 years the time goes too fast sometimes and i hope this thread could be a place for remembering this event who in many ways changed alot.

    I still remember what i did that day for almost fiev years ago. Remember all times are in local CET Times but in reality it is easy 3 afternoon here is 9 in the morning in New York.
    about 14:55 a neighbour called me and asked me to put on my tv. And what i saw was live pictures from CNN and smoke comming out from on eof the towers. First i thought it was some kind of accident like a small plane who had hit it. Suddenly while i watched i saw a plane hit the second tower. Hey wait was that a plane i saw there!!!!!!!!
    I could not really understand, and somehow the word terrorism came up into my head. I loaded my video and started to recording everything i could about this that day. I went to the local library and tried to reach some swedish newspapers homepages from there, but many of them was down. The woman behind the desk already knew what happend so information travels very fast.
    i walked back home and continued watching news and news channels for the rest of the day. But so far i havent seen any amateur pictures of the first plane who smashed into the first tower.

    What did you do that day for 5 years ago??

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    People jumped to a certain death
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