Debate Now First Sam Nunberg, now Stormy D, Is CNN throwing away the most basic of ethics in "journalism"?

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    So this really bothers me in a general sense. I can't say I have any respect for Stormy in particular, this Sam character seems like he is in way over his head as well.

    Regardless, it is the most basic premise of journalism to protect your source. I actually gained some respect from Erin Burnett for calling out what she suspected was alcohol on his breath. It shows she at least doesn't hide from the concern, though I might suggest, she probably wanted to protect herself and CNN in case the guy went off on them or what have you during the interview, and she couldn't just say "oh, he was drunk", as the question would have been, "why would you interview him then"?

    So, Stormy was also accused by some as having diluted pupils.during her interview, some suggesting the use of a substance. Surely with her lifestyle choices (we've read about numerous adult film stars who committed suicide lately) and the massive pressure from all sides, coupled with the legal and media attention, that she can't be comfortable, no matter how defiant she is.

    Ultimately, is CNN crossing a line by exploiting these people for their ratings? Just as you protect someone who blows the whistle, you also have to protect them from abuses they might engage in.

    What if either of these people did something to hurt themselves? Would CNN be culpable because they covered them 24/7? Stormy herself has suggested she doesn't like the coverage, this reported even by CNN! Do they not understand the irony and risk they place on her with this massive, overblown tactic, for political gain?

    So, in spite of these people willingly coming forward, doesn't CNN have a responsibility to not publicly exploit these souls any further? I say that they do have a responsibility, especially considering their particular fragile conditions and the gravity of the situation. This is regarding the President of the U.S.
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