First Comes Hope--Then Comes. . .Change(?): Fewer Discouraged Workers!

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    Hiring slowed in May, according to U. S. Labor Department, at the same time that discouraged workers stopped giving up hope. There were over 200,000 fewer people not looking for work since they thought no work was available for them.

    Employment Situation Summary

    The evidence that Ivy League Democrats are stupid did continue to increase, however. The stupid liberals from the Ivy League had sent the stimulus money to the state and local employees--including the teachers--who caused the downturn in the first place. Instead of creating public works stimulus, nothing was created at all.

    Now there is nothing to tax at the local level, following the unregulated largesse of the mortgage bankers--who also got stimulus money, now for nothing.

    The Great Socialist Bail-out of the Auto Industry shines in comparison.

    Hope comes first, then change comes afterwards.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many Nations Know that first comes Seven--Then Comes 11!)

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