Fifa event shows why Trump should exclude Colombia refugees

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    When Trump has his summit with Putin he should ask him how many of these Colombians who paid mega buck$ to watch their soccer team compete for the World Title applied for asylum in Russia.
    The stadium was packed with Colombian soccer fans wearing yellow shirts:

    While the treasonous Liberals use the country they came from as a tool to undermine Trump`s immigration reform. Columbia is the largest exporter of the hard drugs coming into the US as well as their poor.
    Colombia uses the US in collaboration with the Democrats as a garbage dump in order to overwhelm the United States with foreigners, using human beings as if they were a novel biological weapon that can be used with impunity to attack another country.
    Schumer,Pelosi, Maxine Waters etc refuse to put the onus of responsibility on Colombia to use the kind of money they can afford to spend on soccer but insist that hard working Americans foot the bill for it.
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