Feds Falsify Data to Destroy Agrobusiness in CA Central Valley

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JimBowie1958, Mar 9, 2012.

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    This makes no sense to me, unless the Dems are just trying to run out all the conservatives in the agricultural business there.

    The Central Valley of California is turning into a government made dustbowl to placate envirowackos who dont care if billions of dollars of industry and state taxes are destroyed.

    Scientific advisor alleges administration intentionally falsified records | BIZPAC Review

    So it would seem that the Democrat political patronage system is finally going into a canablistic stage, destroying many of the people who used to support them decades ago. Eventually they will get around to punishing more recent defectors, then finally causing defections that get fed to the wolves, unless California voters wake up and vote against the leftwing kooks that are destroying their state.

    Myself, I hope they create the classic example of what leftwing googooism can lead to so the rest of the states can be duly warned.

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