Fart W/O Fear Cookbook

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    Recipes That Won't Make You Stink

    The name of the yoga position pavanamuktasana translates to “wind-removing pose” in English. That’s a pretty goal-specific contortion for an activity held in an enclosed and unusually quiet space with lots of people you don't necessarily know. Seriously, you might as well just stand in front of a fan and yell, “Incoming.” Gary Goss and Wayne Chen promise to help you avoid one aspect of that Karmic retribution with "Fart Without Fear: Comfort Food for Uncomfortable Times." Goss is a best-selling cookbook author (Blue Moon Soup) and restaurateur who created the recipes. Chen, a former NASA aerospace engineer, is an expert on propulsion. Really.

    Google “fart-related things” and you’ll see millions of page hits, says Chen. “People love them. Farts make them laugh.” Leslie Nielson knew that. When “Airplane!” gave him a second career in comedy, Nielsen almost always squished a whoopee cushion during interviews, especially live ones, where the sound couldn’t be edited out. And only the most uptight among us find fault with the bean-fueled campfire scene in the aptly-named “Blazing Saddles.” But laughing at these simple pleasures when they occur in-person is frowned upon as we age, says Chen, as denial comes to replace admiration and joy.

    Recipes That Won't Make You Stink - FoxNews.com

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