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    My son is leaving for Iraq and will be there a year. He and his wife, and my oldest son and his, have been bugging me to get adept at facebook because that way they can share pictures with me etc., they use it more than e-mail or even the phone.

    So I'm all in a dither trying to figure it out, loading gobs of pictures on, all this, and I run across a site for finding classmates and see names of people I haven't seen since I was 15 years old!

    Now we're all on each others' facebooks, UNREAL. My dearest friend from grade school is married to a pastor (I think she got her nursing degree) and has two teenaged boys; another girl is a professor at UCSC, I haven't got the low-down on what the other two do, other than they're married and at least one has kids about the same age as my youngest ones. The other married the boy she fell in love with at 16, a kid I went to school with until I moved from that area. He was a fisherman, I think, but they apparently live in Nevada now so I'm not sure what they're up to. She looks exactly like she looked in high school, I recognized her pic immediately.

    What a trip.
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