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Discussion in 'Congress' started by mdjgirl7, Oct 7, 2008.

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    I felt like McCain sounded more knowledgeable then Obama sorry that is what I heard. At times I felt like Obama might have been happy John went first so he could ride his coat tails. Obama said more then one time I agree with John.

    Lefties keep saying McCain had been in the senate for 26 years and he has not changed a thing more then once I heard him talk about things he tired to get passed and it failed it takes more then one man to make change keep that in mind when you vote for the ohhhhnooooobama.

    I think OOOONOOOOOBama is a well educated man. I do not think he has enough life experience to handle being our president. I am so happy that McCain will be around no matter what maybe he can stop OOOONOOOobama from doing anything totally stupid. Like announcing to Pakistan he is going to pounce on them if they do not cooperate.

    And it was not W who missed Bin Laden it was Bill who missed Bin Laden. Bill had him in his sights and backed off. Wait wasn't Bill a dem yes he was who can forget white water and all those pardons and of course Monica maybe that is why Bill missed Bin Laden he had his head under Monica's skirt.

    Now some fool is on TV saying OOOONOOOobama could lose because he is black what an idiot.

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