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    Journalist Gardiner Harris wrote for the New York Times 14 May 2008:
    After being pummeled for weeks on Capitol Hill over the president's budget, Food and Drug Commissioner Andrew C. von Eschenbach has written Congress that the agency needs an immediate infusion of $275 million to ensure that imported foods, drugs and medical devices are safe. The request was made in a letter to Senator Arlen Specter, Republican of Pennsylvania, that offers a detailed spending plan for such things as opening new foreign offices, increasing inspections and constructing new databases to track drug hazards. ...In the wake of repeated scandals involving tainted drugs and food, there is a bipartisan consensus on Capitol Hill that the F.D.A. needs to conduct far more inspections of foreign drug plants and imported food.

    So, we not only lose jobs here in America to foreign factories making drugs and other products to ship here, we have to pay for branches of the FDA in the foreign lands to inspect those foreign factories.

    Are we stupid, or what???


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