Exciting new hope for America.

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    After a few days of thought I am truly becoming excited about the prospects of the Romney and Ryan presidential ticket. The good they can do for this country by protecting our rights, actually doing something about the budget and undoing what they can of Obama's disastrous presidency has me growing excited and looking forward to the election. A Romney-Ryan win would also go a long way towards making me proud again when I see our president and vice president on the news while involved with international affairs. Ann Romney will also be very refreshing to see as our first lady as Obama and Michell are such an embarrassment to our nation when seen traveling the world on presidential businesses. I truly look forward to a change of president to slow down and stop the plethora of knavery that Obama has piled upon the office of President.

    It would be so nice to not live with the embarrassment and worry of our eroding rights that an Obama second term would bring upon us. The Chicago style crook in the oval office needs to sink into the same abyss that the Carter administration disappeared into. I have great hope while looking forward to change.
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