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    I just felt the need to share...

    My buddy works for the city water dept. He's been working there for about 5 years now, he said it's the easiest, most laid back job he's ever had. Unbelievable benefits, paid days off, and most of all, he tells me he can't believe how much money is wasted on time/labor. Mind you, he could be feeding me some crap here and there, but he says they have about 3 to 4 hours of REAL work every day. The rest of the day they drive around in circles, yes, real circles around the city, and worst of all, he learned this from his boss. Holy crap. Every Friday night at poker he tells us how much better and efficient it would be if it was run by a private company, he even shakes his head in disbelief at his retirement, too good to be true.

    My 2nd gripe is we sell products at my work to the city shop, they work on police cruisers, motorcycles, and ambulances. They come in once or twice a week, and hang out for hours. HOURS. Last Friday, they had a BBQ and played ping pong most of the day. Ping pong? Are you kidding me!? They tell me the EXACT SAME THINGS as my water dept buddy does, lots of wasted time and labor going on, from the bottom guys, all the way to the top. And you know what the worst of it is? They like to say "You're paying for it!" when we give them crap for hanging out for hours. Nice.

    What's your examples of wasted government spending? And yeah, if you work for the city/state, you can tell me to go f@"k myself, but I'm sure you've seen it yourself. Now please help me get a job with the gubment............

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