Enter the Mind of a CLUELESS Democratic Communist!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by GHook93, Mar 4, 2011.

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    Listen to his anger and utter stupidity and then tell me liberalism isn't a mental disorder!

    Jesse Jackson Jr: Let’s add the right to economic security to the Constitution | The Right Scoop

    Little Jackson might be the dumbest man in any room he ever walks into! First, he says for these rights we MUST look to the constitution. LOL, then in the next breathe he says its not in the constitution. LOL, in his third moronic breathe he says they MUST be added to the constitution, because its guaranteed by the constitution! :confused: Que?

    Oh yea what does he want added, "The guarantee by the Federal Government to each American PERSONAL ECONOMIC SECURITY!!! Hey brother that is cut and dry Marxism! It has NEVER even come close to working. In fact, when a government tries to insure it, only a select elitist group achieves it and the 99% of the rest of the country suffers! Study some history dumb fuck! And this douche bag gets voted from a Chicago city district and people wonder why Chicago is the most fucked up City in the US!

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