Education Benefits for Spouses and Dependents

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    by Angela Caban @ Education Benefits for Spouses & Dependents | Veteran Journal |

    Did you know that as a spouse or dependent of a service member, you are able to transfer all or a portion of the Post 9/11 bill for education? Any unused benefits may be transferred to a spouse or dependent to pay for your educational costs. This is a great opportunity, especially if your service member has benefits left over or if they plan on not using them at all.

    Eligible dependents of a service member are:

    One or more of the individualÂ’s children
    Any combination of spouse and child.
    A family member enrolled in the Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System (DEERS) may be eligible for benefits

    The process of transferring Post 9/11 benefits from service member to dependent is rather simple. Please make sure to research and look into schools, aid and all other expenses prior to applying; especially if your service member has already used a portion of the Post 9/11 bill.

    There are however some eligibility guidelines in order to transfer these benefits, please review all information here. For more information on the Post 9/11 bill or how to transfer benefits, please visit the following website: Welcome to the GI Bill Web Site | The Home for All Educational Benefits Provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs

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