Educating Ignorance: The best-kept secret in America is the huge drop in the quality

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    Educating Ignorance: The best-kept secret in America is the huge drop in the quality of college​

    By: Janice Shaw Crouse

    The best-kept secret in America today is the precipitous drop in the quality of college since the Left seized power in higher education. Every year, various magazines publish a list of rankings for American undergraduate institutions. Forbes assures parents that "Every school with a Forbes grade meets a high standard." U.S. News and World Report assures its readers that they consider a wide variety of factors in measuring a college's effectiveness. While American colleges were once great institutions of learning, those who know higher education today recognize that "high standards" of quality are casualties in the war against traditionalism and American values. Where religion and love of country and family were once revered, radical Leftist ideology now prevails. Traditional values have been replaced by moral relativism, anti-establishment teachings, and the breakdown of the family.

    The radicalization of colleges did not happen overnight. What we have now is a product of past indifference and disinclination to do anything to reverse the spread of Leftist trends. John Howard's new book, America's Best Colleges! Really?, lays out his analysis of how the traditional purpose of education has been eradicated and replaced by radical ideologies of the Left. Howard outlines a brief history of how our Founders desired our public education system to reinforce religion and morality in order for our self-reliant experiment to survive and thrive. In contrast, he points out how the Left has imbedded its teachings in America's educational system and perverted the Founders' original intent in order to undermine the country's foundation.


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    Sorrowfully one must admit that half those graduating College today are stressed in spelling simple words, or constructing sentences.

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