Earth Changes, Not just for conspiracy theorist anymore.

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    extreme weather in Sweden:

    Heavy rains and extreme weather are becoming more common in Sweden, according to a study by forecasters at the Swedish meteorological and Hydrological Institute, SMHI.

    "We are still missing some data, but the trend is unmistakeable, extreme weather is becoming more common in Sweden," said meteorologist Lennart Wern to daily Dagens Nyheter (DN).

    Recent downpours and heavy rains over western Sweden is but one example of a trend showing more extreme weather according to the so far unpublished report by SMHI.

    In a new report Wern has collated information about the rainiest 24 hours from the country's all weather stations in a year and then builds a series of data that will span the whole of the twentieth century until present day.

    US: Pearl River fish kill puts fear in residents-"Every species of fish here is dead":
    dead fish, pearl river
    © snip WOLX news

    Pearl River County, Mississippi-For the past few days a surge of dead fish has been the scene for folks living along the Pearl River. Residents in Picayune have also been effected by the scare.

    For families like the Mitchells, living along the Pearl River isn't just beautiful scenery, it's a complete way of life.

    "We feed our families three times a week from these rivers. Whether it be frogs, fish, the wildlife that we hunt during the Winter it's a big portion of our meat for the year," said Mitchell

    'Once-in-a-Lifetime' Snow as Cold Blast Hits New Zealand

    South Africa: Cold Front Brings Snow to Johannesburg

    US: Heat pops pipes nationwide; brace for higher bills

    Twenty Percent of All Mammals at Risk of Extinction

    Indonesia: North Sulawesi's Mount Soputan Erupts

    US: Black, slimy, foamy water, hundreds dead fish and turtles mystery in Louisiana

    Indonesia: Mount Papandayan's Alert Level Raised

    Australia: Mystery fish kill worries locals

    Hundreds Of Birds Found Dead in Oklahoma

    Japan: Heatwave Kills Four, Sends 900 to Hospital

    Aleutian Islands: Cleveland volcano erupts

    Indonesia: Mt. Ibu Emits Thick Smoke

    Activity at Kizimen and Shiveluch volcanoes, Kamchatka Peninsula

    Italy, Naples: Garbage Truck Swallowed by Sinkhole

    US: Huge Lava Pond Forms On Hawaii's Mount Kilauea

    US: New Eruption Starts At Alaska's Cleveland Volcano

    Personally I think something is headed our way in space and its being covered up or our sun is doing something to us they are not telling us. all these things and hundred's more are happening all over everyday growing in intensity and frequency. Only a fool in denial could not see something is happening to our Earth. Go on skeptics nay say all you want, something is going on and I for one am ready for what ever is coming or happening.
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    Just goes to show that idiocy is not solely determinable by one's chosen stance on any particular issue.

    Not right-wing, or corporatist but loony nonetheless.

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