Documents Reveal Rockefeller Foundation Actively Engaged in Mass Mind-Control

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    Documents Reveal Rockefeller Foundation Actively Engaged in Mass Mind-Control

    From archive material from the 1940s onward, it has become apparent that the Rockefeller Foundation has for decades now fanatically nurtured research into fear-inducing brainwashing techniques for the masses.

    In a series of generous grants in the 1940s- and 50s, extended to Professor Carl I. Hovland of Yale University, the Foundation actively funded research into “the psychological mechanisms through which communications exert their influence.” Main research subject deals with the question of “how the individual deals with the welter of conflicting ideas with which he is constantly bombarded; how "wishful thinking" and emotional bias affect judgment; and whether the judgment process is transferred from one situation to another are among the problems to be studied”, we read in the 1954 Rockefeller yearly report.

    Hovland, besides conducting research into behavioral and attitude-changes of groups, was also part of the Rockefeller Foundation’s social science staff. In addition to that, the professor was heavily involved in other branches of the Anglo-American establishment. In the study Origins of mass communications research during the American cold war by Timothy Glander, the author explains: Continued

    Comment: The Rockefeller's and their buddies are enemies of humanity. They have been promoters of evil,theft and war for a very long time. This war on terror is theirs too, thats another example of their mass mind control for their selfish wants and desires.

    the Clip below goes over the preplanned war on terror [ame=]Rockefeller Reveals 9/11 FRAUD to Aaron Russo - YouTube[/ame]

    You'll also find some other interesting things in this short clip
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