Do you know the KOICA?

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    The Korea International Cooperation Agency(KOICA) under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade(MOFAT) implements grant aid and technical cooperation program of the Government of the Republic of Korea, thereby contributing to strengthening the cooperative relationship between Korea and developing countries, and to promoting socio-economic advancement of the recipient countries

    KOICA's mission is

    - to contribute to the enhancement of international cooperation in order
    - to promote friendly cooperative relations and mutual exchanges between the Republic of Korea and developing countries
    - to support social and economic development of developing countries by performing various cooperation programs.

    With the motto "Cooperation for a Better World", KOICA devotes its efforts to international cooperation and thereby contributing to the construction of a human society in which we can live better together.
    [ame=]MBLAQ [ENG SUB] 111120 mbc KOICA's Dream_MIR's eye injury..T_T - YouTube[/ame]
    I have respected people who serve the community. I have done some volunteer works at nursing homes and orphanages and I always feel worth doing it. Yesterday, I watched a program about oversea volunteer working of KOICA(a volunteer organization). They have done voluntary work for people who live in a bad environment in Africa and South America, Asia. Including medical and education service, construction, they have offered them a diverse of services. I was quite expressed that they were trying to communicate with them and join them sincerely.

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