Do Democrats hate the U.S. Navy?

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    Do Democrats hate the U.S. Navy??​

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    2Do Democrats hate the U.S. Navy?
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    A second Democratic campaign has been caught mistaking a foreign ship for a U.S. Navy vessel in images meant to brag on the candidate's devotion to the military.

    A month after the Democratic National Convention featured Cold War-era Soviet ships on a giant screen as a former Navy admiral representing the Obama campaign praised American veterans, the Democrat running for Senate in Connecticut featured a foreign sub in a television ad promoting his efforts to create jobs at the state's sub-maker, General Dynamics' Electric Boat of Groton.

    Instead of Groton-made subs, the ad for Rep. Chris Murphy featured a Norwegian submarine. The ad maker apparently took the picture off an image website without checking what the featured sub was.

    The pictures were shown as the ad announcer said, "Chris Murphy has a jobs plan, but he also has a jobs record. The Connecticut jobs Chris Murphy's helped create are building a new industrial park in Waterbury, launch new subs in Groton."

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