Disastrous Response (Why The Government Won't Be Your Savior)

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    Disastrous Response (Why The Government Won't Be Your Savior)​

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    November 9, 2012
    Gerard Perry

    One of the tragedies of Hurricane Sandy, in addition to the enormous human and material cost it has exacted from our city, is the misery which the chronic inefficiency and incompetence of our government has wrought.

    From the economically incoherent and historically ignorant institution of price controls to the resuscitation of policies as intellectually vapid as the men who impose them, the specter of the state making the lives of those already suffering even more unbearable is everywhere.

    Even the federal bureaucracies established to ostensibly aid people who have been the victims of natural disasters are woefully incapable of executing even the most elementary aspects of their missions. No one grasps this concept more acutely than the residents of Staten Island, who have seen firsthand why relying upon the generosity of government bureaucrats is such a risky proposition.


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