Detection of a POLITICO'S LIES.

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    All politicians indulge in the art of artfully dodging the answers to questions. They also lie and/or distort the TRUTH.

    And, even though we, the citizens, are rightfully angered by this ubiquitous process, IMO, there are occasions when the politicos have to resort to these tactics not only to protect themselves, or their re-election.....but, they do so because the citizens are not ready for the truthful answers, or the truthful answer may jeopardize the end game's success which is for the citizens' welfare.

    Herein lies the whole problem in deciding which politico one can not only trust.....but whose distortions, or even outright lies (which are usually not acceptable under any circumstances) are given an understandable, but usually, an unjustifiable pass.

    Taking into consideration the above, there comes the time to realize that your favorite politico's talking points are factually proving to be bogus. And, one would think that after the OBVIOUS failure of one policy which is followed by another, then another.... advanced by the politico who inexorably CONTINUES to promulgate bogus policies without apparently being aware of his/her idiocy ......then, at some point, the citizen should say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!

    In politics, however, it's not as simple as that.

    We are the product of our experiences. Our parents, or relatives, and/or our own experience with the policies of an "opposing" political party, or congressman, may have been the cause of a grievous harm (real, or perceived).

    Consequently, no matter how outlandish the political party, or a particular politico is in pursuing an OBVIOUSLY BOGUS & DISASTROUS POLICY , we usually wind up "in denial" and lie ourselves into believing that not only is everything honky dory......but it is the CORRECT POLICY.

    And, usually.......that is how people wind up in political situations.

    They simply stick it out to the bitter end ...... NEVER realizing what kind of a political idiot they are/were.

    However, hopefully, our friends, a helluva lot of reading, listening to opposing points of view of wise people on the "other side" , and, of course, usually these do not is driven to face REALITY !!!

    But, the problem seemingly remains: WHOSE REALITY ?!?!?


    And, the ONLY solution to this seemingly impossible problem is go back to the HISTORY of the issue. Example: Reduce Taxes, or get the revenue by TAXING the "rich". But who are the "rich" ??? There are only so many billionaires and super millionaires.....and, INVARIABLY, the BILLIONAIRES and the SUPER MILLIONAIRES can dodge the exhorbitant taxes with adroit lawyers, overseas skullduggery, etc......leaving those in the 250,000 range (70 % of our nation's jobs created by them) being driven out of business by these "taxes for the rich", OBUMMERCARE, and idiotic regulations.

    REALISM thru HISTORY ?????

    YES !!! study the HISTORICAL FACTS of REDUCTION of TAXES resulting in JOB CREATION and, thus, LARGER REVENUE for the opposed to "TAXING THE 'RICH'" resulting in driving the job-creators out of business.

    But what other way, can we spot the politicos who CONSTANTLY LIE, who CONSTANTLY FAIL ???


    EVERY politico will MISUSE the English language to further his/her agenda.......but some are INFINITELY MORE OBVIOUS THAN OTHERS.

    Lurita Doan zeroes in on OBUMMER with a result that will shock you.

    Here is her link:

    Obama's Misleading Vocabulary - Page 1 - Lurita Doan - Townhall Conservative

    Don't miss the SECOND PAGE of the Link's article!!!
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