Detailing our Grievances

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    Redress of Grievances

    "Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government. Whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights." ~Thomas Jefferson~

    The national government, through word, law, and regulation, has made war on the free market system, private property and individual liberty, that have historically been the foundation of this nation and responsible for its strength and prosperity.

    The congress has voluntarily relinquished its responsibility for drafting or even reviewing the legislation it passes, outsourcing the legislative process to special interest groups that have agendas often at odds with the well being of the citizens and the nation as a whole.

    The congress has routinely written laws in ways that are unclear, or obscure their true intent, leaving their interpretation open to a variety of abuses, removing the protection of the law and exposing us to the tyranny of men.

    The national government has refused to assent to laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good, and has substituted laws and regulations that are injurious to the welfare and prosperity of the people.

    The national government has burdened us with debts and obligations far beyond our ability to repay.

    The members of congress and the administration have refused to be held accountable for illegal and criminal actions, setting themselves above the laws they have imposed upon the people.

    The national government has multiplied departments and offices with the complicity or negligent consent of congress and has allowed these offices to compound statutes and regulations that have the force of law with no input from the representatives of the people and no opportunity for redress. These new offices have done little more than send swarms of new officials to harass the people and eat their substance.

    The national government has refused to secure the borders of the United States from those who desire to do injury to its citizens and institutions.

    The national government is seeking to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution and unacknowledged by our laws and traditions. Through treaties and obligations to the United Nations, it has sought to undermine the sovereignty of the citizens of this nation, and in so doing place us under an authority wholly unaccountable to us.

    The national government has sought to bring suit against those whose duty it is to protect us from foreign invasion and attack, trying them for acts not criminal under previous administrations nor according to the dictates of common sense.

    The national government has used and misused the military forces of the United States, imposing rules and regulations upon them detrimental to their stated mission and purpose. Such actions unnecessarily jeopardize the lives of those who serve in the armed forces and emboldens the enemies that desire to do us harm.
    The executive branch has embarked upon a course of foreign policy that serves only to anger our staunchest allies and strengthen our enemies. It has also long pursued a course of action that has placed the acquisition of our most crucial resources dependent upon the whims of our enemies while unnecessarily restricting the development of those same resources domestically.

    The national government has infringed on our right to adequately protect ourselves as we see fit as guaranteed under the second amendment to the Constitution.

    The national government has forbidden the governors and legislators of the many states discretion in their affairs and has imposed burdensome regulations upon them while refusing to provide the means for their implementation.

    The national government has by law codified discrimination, setting one class of citizens over another, when the other has been responsible for no wrong or injury to the privileged class.

    The national government, through word and statute, has shown contempt for the religious tradition largely responsible for the foundations of this nation and its system of law and justice, and embraced by the vast majority of its citizens, while supporting or granting privileged status to religious traditions that lead to the degradation of society or seek to inflict physical harm upon the people and their institutions.

    The national government, through regulation and statute, has made continual efforts to dilute the cohesive nature of our common language and culture.

    The national government through legislation, treaty and judicial fiat, has continually eroded the privileges and responsibilities inherent within the family, seeking to substitute itself as the primary educator and caregiver of succeeding generations.

    The national government has used the courts to impose upon its citizens policy they would never have agreed to through their elected representatives. Those same courts have nullified referenda legitimately passed by the people of the states in their effort to reestablish some degree of control over their various destinies.
    The national government had abrogated its responsibility for monetary policy, entrusting it to unelected officers, and has cooperated with their institution, adopting policies that will lead to the destruction of the national currency.

    The national government has imposed a system of taxation that is inherently unjust, placing heavy burdens on some while exempting others. Coupled with this system is a structure of subsidy in which wealth is taken from one citizen and given to another. Such a system destroys the motivation for productive enterprise within the one who is forced to give and the recipient.

    The national government has imposed a code of taxation of such complexity it perplexes even those whose are tasked with its enforcement, and provides an easy pretext for the government to find wrongdoing among its citizens.

    The national government has abused its taxing authority, requiring payment not only for privileged endeavors but for the exercise of our fundamental rights, reducing us to mere servitude.

    The national government has intimidated and coerced private businesses and financial institutions into accepting regulation and domination by the national government.

    The national parties, in order to maintain their power, have used the law, intimidation and outright fraud to ensure their continual appointment, making a mockery of the electoral process.

    The executive branch, without the required consent of the legislature, has taken upon itself the power to make war and peace, suspend at times the right of habeas corpus, utilize the treasury and impose regulations and orders with the force and penalty of law.

    The national government has appropriated for itself the power to confiscate the property of its citizens for any use whatsoever, without just compensation.

    The national government has made repeated attempts to intimidate those who oppose its growing power through the exercise of their rights under the Constitution. It has labeled them traitors and has sought to use the power of the government and its various agencies to silence them.

    A government which demonstrates consistent attempts to extend unwarrantable jurisdiction over the people, ignores the limitations imposed by its founding documents and whose every word and action exhibit their tyranny is unsuitable for a free people. With this petition, we the people urge this government to return to its constitutional limitations and exhibit proper behavior and good will toward its citizens. It is our sincere desire not to continue and escalate an adversarial relationship with our government. We merely wish your cooperation in securing our freedom, prosperity and a restoration of our great Republic.
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    Well, should you find someone to run on that platform, good luck.

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