-Democratic Health Care Dilemmas

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Lumpy 1, Sep 12, 2009.

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    Bi-partisanship ends up as a complete failure... a let down for all Americans.

    For Democrats it seems they want to win at any cost, maybe because their being told by the media that if Obama and the Democratic Party don't get it through they will be considered failures and be drummed out in the 2010 election. (dilemma)

    For Republicans it seems they feel slighted that their ideas all fell on a party line votes, they feel powerless and realistically, they are.

    Some discussions seemed worthy but alas doomed, tort reform received peanuts, insurance companies being able to sell policies countrywide, no chance, federal catastrophic medical coverage, out the window.

    I can't get over any American wanting the Federal Government controlling their health records and care, people willingly giving up their freedoms, it's just plain, nuts.

    In my opinion, if the Democratic Party passes health care on a party line vote, without a huge majority of the American peoples support, then they will be truly doomed.(dilemma)
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