Democrat inconsistency: Voter ID/Gun Buyers ID

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bucs90, Feb 21, 2011.

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    Ok, I've had enough union talk for a week. New political topic. Voter ID and guns.

    Dems are fighting with all their might any state bills that would require voters to show ID to vote. They say being required to prove your identification to vote is oppressive, or racist, or disenfranchising. They say voting is a "right", which it is, thus, we can't force someone to have ID to exercise it. Although the state gives anyone who wants an ID just that, an ID card. The DMV's in all states issue "ID Only" cards. Just like a driver's license, except "ID ONLY" printed on it. It's for nothing but ID purposes. All citizens can get one. It's not hard. But, Democrats are fighting this with all their might.

    But what are they NOT fighting?

    The requirement to have ID to buy a gun. Yep. Americans also, along with having the right to vote, have the right to bear arms. BUT you cannot exercise this right without an ID. I went to buy a new pistol today. I was required to show my identification. Every single gun shop in America does the same. But Democrats do not fight this requirement to show ID in order to exercise a right.

    My opinion? Both should require an ID. Those rights are for American citizens, and we are flooded with non-citizens. So to exercise and participate in our rights, you should show you are a citizen.

    Come on Democrats. You have half the equation right. Get behind voter ID requirement. Be consistent.

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