Debbie Halvorson's Ethical Standing

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    Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson, whose already has had a checkered past in the Illinois State Senate, strikes again by accepting a large number of campaign contributions from embattled Congressman Charlie Rangel. During her time as a State Senator, she was the majority leader of the Senate during the Blagojevich administration. She has stated in the fact that former Senate President Emil Jones, famous for his pay to play politics, was a father figure. Oh, and a person she served in the Senate with, Barack Obama. Now in Washington, Halvorson is walking hand in hand with the Obama Pelosi agenda, voting yes on Cap and Trade, Healthcare, and the Stimulus. To cap it all off, she hasn't met with her constituents, refusing to hold town hall meetings. Debbie Halvorson is part of the problem in Washington, not part of the solution. Please consider donating (like I have) to her conservative challenger, Adam Kinzinger. You can find more information about Adam Kinzinger at

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