Death Penalty [on Tv!!!}

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mr. Right, Aug 13, 2008.

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    Just wondering if anyone's ever thought of a pay per view death row gladiator game show.

    I'd definately pay to see a game show that had contestants that are currently on "death row" compete to win "Life without parole".

    But if you lose, you get to spin the wheel of DEATH!

    Some of the more fun ways of dying would be:

    1-coverred in honey and Army ants devour you!

    2- walk the plank on the Bering Sea

    3- Chummy with Sharks

    4- the car crusher

    5- puttin our fire with gasoline

    6- Saddam's metal shredder

    7- Crocodile Dumb-dee

    8- Lethal erection [a full stick o'dynomite up the wazoo]

    9- freedom [just kidding, we tell the mob you've just informed on them]

    10- General Population [we send you to another facility and we let the population know that you are a kid toucher]

    I could see William Shatner hosting it...

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