'Death Panels' are real, they exist in private insurance, and they're not going away.

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    The facts:

    1) Resources are limited. That's why they are expensive, thereby necessitating health insurance in the first place.

    2) There will be times, unfortunately, when there are not enough resources for everyone. As a result, there will be instances where you can spend x amount of resources on one patient and, depending on the specifics, still have little or no chance of curing the condition afflicting him/her or use those resources to treat 2, 3, or more persons who can be cured or otherwise helped.

    3) Because of these facts, so long as resources are limited and less abundant than need, any medical facility and any medical insurance plan, regardless of who runs it will be forced to make determinations regarding whether to dedicate much-needed resources to a single patient/insurance holder or to use the available resoruces to help as many people as possible.

    So if a 'Death Panel' is whatever or whoever makes that decision then yes, they exist, they always have, and they will for the rest of the foreseeable medical future.

    No, ask yourself this: is it more moral and ethical to dedicate resources to one person who may not have good chances of recovery even with those resources or to use those resources to help as many people as possible?

    The only alternative is to make no decision, help none, and totally fail as a doctor or insurance provider.

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