Dear Y'srael.. dear Palestine

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    I must submit my sincerest apologies to both of you. Although Abram was called out from Ur of the Chaldees, being in Southern Iraq, and although all of his children and his children's wives were also of his home place.... and although through him the sons of (J)acob were born and by whom The Messiah Christ arrived, I have to apologize... Not only to you but also to the Sons of (J)acob, Y'srael, for this one thing...

    Although Salvation is of the (J)ews and although I'm not a (J)ew nor a Palestinian I have received my eternal Salvation because of both of you. I have been given that opportunity to live with God and with The LORD and with Christ Messiah and even with Abraham, (I)saac and (J)acob and even with those children whom God, The LORD and Christ Messiah will receive into Their Kingdom with the statement, 'Well done, enter into the Joy of your Lord'. And it is not because of who I was or because of who my parents were but it was and is because of your independent families and lineages which can be traced back all the way back to the times of The Flood of Noah and even back to the times when Abram was called out of Ur of the Chaldees; hence becoming 'The father of faith'. And it is to such persons as these and yourselves that I give thanks.

    But the problem which I'm apologizing for is this...

    The Name of God and The Name of The Heavenly Father and The Name of The Christ Messiah has undergone such drastic changes that Salvation, which is of Themselves, is now a byword and a loose tongued 'pronouncing'. The Name of The Heavenly Father is not Jehovah nor is The Name of His Only Begotten Son Jesus. Both Names has undergone many changes and to speak as if these are Their formal Names would be wrong and disrespectful and discourteous to both the Hebrew speaker and to the Arabic speaker.. And so I apologize.

    To you it might not be too much.. To you it might not mean too much.. But for myself, having a desire to serve Them in Truth and in Righteousness and in Spirit, to call Them by 'names' which are not even Theirs, to me, would seem a waste of time to do... How would I be able to worship and praise in Spirit and/or in Truth speaking false names to Them, The Ones i'm seeking to give thanks and praise to? It is wrong, for me... And so I apologize that you both have been neglected and I apologize that the only 'news' about you seems to be negative and never really anything positive to that Name which both of you serve and praise and worship; in knowledge and with freedom to know the false from the real.

    God bless you and keep you.. And may The Heavenly Father also bless you and keep you in The Name of Christ Messiah. Amen.
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    What are you apologizing for?
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    diagonally parked in a parallel universe
    Who are you referring to as The LORD?

    You are neither Pal. or Israeli, or Russian or Greek or ????... So let's just put what you are in perspective. You are Gentile.

    Salvation is from, Jesus and no one else. No one else traded His perfect record for our sins, and paid the consequences but Him. It is admirable that you want to serve but I question who you think you are serving.
    Jesus, was named Jesus by His Father.
    It is: Jesus, the Christ. Jesus, the Messiah. Jesus the Anointed. It was His name.
    You owe nothing to Jew or Palestine, families or lineages. They did nothing to save you. They retained history for you.
    You owe Jesus, the Christ everything.

    It seems like you are trying so hard to figure it all out that you are adding to or taking away, and trying to interpret, in an effort to understand, what is for the most part, plain, it means what it says, scripture.
    Take it easy.

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