Dear Pentagon, Just how many insurgents are we fighting again?

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    The answer, we don't know.

    A former gulf war general recently admitted that over 50,000 insurgents have either been captured or killed, in the past 7 months. Sound like good news, right? Wrong.

    Despite the killings and captures, the intensity of insurgent attacks had INCREASED over the past several months. This suggests that insurgent recruitment may be at a all time high. With that being said, the Pentagon had but all but abandoned the idea that the number of insurgents are between 13,000 and 17,000. In fact, it could be possible that the Pentagon had all but abandoned trying to figure out how many insurgents are there, period.

    Donald Rumsfeld, in an article, suggested that there is a possibility that this conflict could last for at least a decade. Now that's if the number of insurgents were between 13,000 and 17,000.

    All of this leads to one possible conclusion... Until we figure out how many insurgents were fighting, we cannot determine how long it will take to end our role in this war.

    In a word, our troops are going to be there for a very, very, long time! If the insurgents continue its meteoric rise in recruitment, then I can tell you the outcome as fast as you can say,"Vietnam". (If not worse)

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