Dear Hillary,

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Emmett, Mar 15, 2006.

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    I have written you this letter to ask you to please enter the race for president in 2008. Our country needs the type of Quality leadership we all know you can provide given your true sense of dedication, HONESTY, and real belief in the American people.

    Your not the kind of politician that just sells out to the money. all those folks were said you were slap dab in the middle of that real estate scam thing, they are all liars. All those HMO companies and stuff that were trying to bribe you into creating a National Health Care System when you were president, I mean when your wife, I mean when your husband was president, they are all liars.

    Our country needs an honest person like you. Remember when your husband cheated on you. Not the time he raped that chick in Arkansas, but the time in the White House, you told the American public it was a Republican scandal to discredit your loving husband. Thats what I'm talking about, someone who can tell it like it is!

    We need someone who is dedicated, like you are. You know all those folks that say you rode the backs of dumbasses in Arkansas to build a political career and then left them high and dry for New York, they don't know what they are talking about, they are liars. Just damn liars. We folks down here in Fayetteville know you are really trying to help us by vacating us, I mean leaving, I mean moving to New York.

    We need somebody in that there White House who understands what hard working people go through. I mean I know you ain't never worked hard or nothing but you've read about it cause I remember a speech you gave one time and I think you said you did. I think you did!

    At least I know the them Republicans won't be able to attack your military career, you ain't never been in no military. You was way too smart for that.

    I know when your president you will get rid of them Supreme Court judges before they go and change that Roe vs Wade thing back and we all gotta wear condoms again! It don't feel good like that.

    I heard some stupid folks saying you were a lesbian. That ain't true, is it! Is it! Say, is it! Is it! Say, that ain't true is it!

    I know when you become President you are gonna get a health care plan that them damn rich people pay for. Hell, they are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. It ain't gonna hurt them to to collectively give up 56 billion a year to get it started. Afterwards we can raise taxes on then rich bastards to keep it going. Hell themk poor little immigrant children from Mexico are having to go to free clinics. They can't even get decent care.

    Most of all though I know you willbe a friend to poor people. I know you ain't never wanted for anything but you know how we feel cause you said so. You know what is like to be fired from a job, well you ain't never had a job but I remember you said you knew and I believe you. The American people believe you and you need to be president.

    An average citizen

    PS - You do need to distance yourself from that Ted Kennedy though, he is bad news.
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    :thup:: I dare you to mail it... :laugh:

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