Daredevil: American Dreamer

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    After 9/11, Americans became very conscious of the value/quality of patriotism. How will archaeologists/anthropologists in the future measure the ergonomics of patriotism in the early 21st Century?

    What do anti-American terrorists make of patriotism-themed comic book writing in the USA?

    Should we consider 'patriotism-folklore' as representative of American gossip?

    After all, we've already elected two celebrity-presidents (Reagan and Trump).

    Consider this short-story comic book fan-fic I wrote --- what do you think would be the response/reaction to such a 'patriotism-tale' of a Democrat as compared to a Republican?

    Politico-cultural negotiation in America seems to involve a great deal of aesthetics (IMO)...


    Matt Murdock was born in Virginia (USA) to hard-working patriotic American parents who were killed in a train-wreck caused by a terrorism-related explosion. Murdock grew up state-raised and was admitted into the prestigious Ivy League school Dartmouth College (Hanover, New Hampshire) where he studied Psychology and Literature. Murdock developed a special interest in sociology and religion, so when he graduated he decided to travel to Vatican City and make paintings about pedestrians and tourists visiting the sacred place.

    When Murdock returned to America spiritually enriched, he began work at the Washington Post as a journalist. Murdock enjoyed covering stories about crimes in D.C. and was considered a very good journalist and news-writer. However, after 9/11, when Islamic-terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center, Murdock became very anxious about modern era criminality and threats to basic traffic and normal life. Murdock decided to fashion himself a vigilante-costume and began calling himself 'Daredevil.'

    Daredevil became the ultimate Washington crime-fighter. Daredevil deposed a deadly crime-syndicate in D.C. known as Black Mask, which was using a narcotics-operation to fund black market munitions to the terrorist group ISIS. Daredevil also arrested a female gang of cop-killers known as the Sentinels. The Sentinels had killed over a dozen policemen in D.C., and when Daredevil discovered that one member of the female-gang was a young U.S. Senator named Shelbye Harris, he realized the gang was becoming 'potent' and dismantled them.

    Taking stock of his dual-life as a Post journalist and D.C. crime-fighter, Murdock/Daredevil decided he was fulfilling his daydreams of being a 'real patriot' and somehow 'avenging' the accidental death of his parents caused by terrorism. Daredevil began writing his autobiography, resolving to retire after completing it, since the book would expose his secret-identity. It was then that a terrible American terrorist and 'super-villain' named Bullseye rose to prominence. Bullseye assassinated U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton before Daredevil was able to capture him (tying him up in rope in front of the Lincoln Memorial). Daredevil then interviewed Bullseye in a CNN prison-broadcast.

    DAREDEVIL: Why do you hate America?
    BULLSEYE: I'm jaded by Burger King.
    DAREDEVIL: Are you serious?
    BULLSEYE: How many immigrants flock to America for cheeseburgers?
    DAREDEVIL: There's nothing wrong with consumerism.
    BULLSEYE: It's consumerism gluttony that prompted 9/11.
    DAREDEVIL: Critics of America always damn capitalism.
    BULLSEYE: The marketplace is an arena for avarice.
    DAREDEVIL: Only an insane person would breathe fire on shoppers.
    BULLSEYE: Is Black Friday really sacred?
    DAREDEVIL: Black Friday (the shopping-day after Thanksgiving) is a nicety!
    BULLSEYE: The 'American Dream' should not be tangled by 'niceties.'
    DAREDEVIL: To ignore the magic of Toys 'R Us is to neglect the spirit of America!
    BULLSEYE: Maybe shopping is 'magical' during Christmas, but poverty endures.
    DAREDEVIL: That's why we must endorse patriotism as a cure to wrath.
    BULLSEYE: I simply don't see the 'magic' of electing celebrities as Presidents.
    DAREDEVIL: Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump are the only two celebrity-presidents.
    BULLSEYE: Yes, and they both offer economic-systems of great flaws.
    DAREDEVIL: Reaganomics and Trumponomics are still considered 'idealistic.'
    BULLSEYE: There's a gap between idealism and approval.
    DAREDEVIL: Perhaps the American Dream is safeguarded by everyday prayers.
    BULLSEYE: I will continue to brood about terrorism.



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