D-Hank 'Guam Will Flip Over' Johnson Mocks Diamond / Silk In Defence of Facebook Censorship

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    Democratic Party Representative Hank Johnson, famous for declaring in a committee hearing that the Island of Guam would flip over / capsize if the U.S. stationed any more U.S. military troops on the island, actually mocked someone else...

    In defense of Facebook's exposed Censorship of Conservatives, specifically in this case the Censorship of 'Diamond and Silk', 2 extremely popular conservative personalities on Facebook until Zuckerberg shut them down, Johnson argued that Diamond and Silk had no right to complain about being singled out and Censored / Blocked on Facebook because prior to their being shut down, he accused, they made a 'lot or money' on Facebook.

    Evidently Johnson believes if you 'make a lot of money' on a free public social network you have no reason to complain when the owner of the social media platform singles you out for your ideology / views and prejudicially Censors you....as long as it it only happens to Conservatives.

    (Someone should have censored Johnson's comment about Guam flipping over before it came out of his mouth....)

    Johnson also railed against and berated the committee for even holding a meeting to discuss Zuckerberg's / Facebook's censorship of Conservatives, claiming the reason the committee 'stooped' to holding the committee meeting was to position Diamond and Silk to make more money:

    “I’m just astounded that this committee would stoop to this level to be positioning you all to make more money.”

    I'm astounded to find that D-Johnson is still in Congress....

    Diamond and Silk Clash with Rep. Hank Johnson: 'If Illegal Aliens Can Come Over Here and Build Businesses, Why Can't We?' | Breitbart
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