Creation of a Manchurian Candidate?

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    :death: The 1960s movie The Manchurian Candidate is one of my favorite movies...wonder why the major networks never rerun this classic...with Frank Sinatra...Lawrence Harvey...Angela Lansbury...Lawrence Harvey as Sgt.Raymond Shaw was hypnotically induced to become an assassin,the Manchurian Candidate...the History Channel had a program suggesting that Sir Han may have been in a trance when he assassinated RFK...Dr. Colin A Ross has written a book, BLUEBIRD: DELIBERATE CREATION OF MULTIPLE PERSONALITY BY PSYCHIATRISTS( ...or i believe... ...has it)on the CIAs MKULTRA...BLUEBIRD...ARTICHOKE...programs and their research into an experimentally controlled Manchurian Candidate... yet...

    The New York Times article of (Feb. 9, 1978, p. 17) and titled, "CIA Documents Tell of 1954 Project to Create Involuntary Assassins"...the Project was code named of 4 CIA programs to conduct mind control experiments from 1949 to 1974. The New York Times obtained these documents thru the Freedom of Information Act...there was no indication in the documents that the agency attempted to use mind control in assassination...but a Senate report that the agency had plotted 3 assassinations and had become indirectly involved in others ...Sheffield Edwards was head of the Artichoke team that made the attempts on Castros life...this is a 1978 article...but a more updated report is the book titled, BLUEBIRD, cited above is worth reading...As a charter member of the Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew Brzezinski,protege of David Rockefeller, wrote a book titled, Between Two Ages,(Penguin Books)...on page 15 he discusses the means and "the temptation to manipulate the behavior and intellectual functioning of all the people through environmental and biochemical manipulation of the brain." In discussing the future of warfare...chemical and biological weapons, death rays, weather modification, robots in space...he writes that "artificially excited electronic strokes... could develope ...a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations...of using the environment to manipulate behavior for national advantages..." would probably develope "...within the next few decades."p. 57 This book was published in 1970...I have always thought it strange that the Columbine style massacres that occurred several years ago and lasted for a period of about 1 year...then they stopped...making this writer suspect that some entity was involved in a Manchurian Candidate style operation...?
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