Cowboy Grocering, Cowbow Capitalism?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Psychoblues, Dec 4, 2003.

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    What's the deal with objections for stating "country of origin" on produce and other grocery items tha we all might find in our grocery stores?

    There was a short segment just now on the Lou Dobbs show about the labeling of produce. It was pointed out that a can of "carrots and peas" required a label staing country of origin but a can of "peas and carrots" did not require such a label. For whatever reason, I just don't get it. These things are already labeled. What's the political deal with all the confusion with the "country of origin" thing?

    I think not only our grocery/produce/garment industries are being unfairly impacted by foriegn imports but our hard industries like steel, automobiles, aircraft and even washing machines and vacuum cleaners are now being impacted. Check out the old established blue jean manufacturer, Levi's. They no longer make ANYTHING in this country other than money. I could mention a thousand or two more but for the purpose of this discussion I'll hold to the Levi's example.

    What's the deal?

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