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    Back in the days of the original Half Life, a group of dedicated fans created a mod for multi-player called "Counter Strike." A devilishly simple concept that pitted terrorists against counter-terrorists on a series of maps. Valve bought the rights to Counter Strike and released it as a stand alone game. Later, in 2004, they released an updated version using the Source graphics engine, cleverly called "Counter Strike:Source."

    These are classic games, with some of the strongest followings on the internet. Thousands of servers are hosting CS games at any given time. It's a game that anyone can jump into and learn in 5 minutes, no unlockable mods, ranks, or any of the other Modern Warfare bullshit to crap on new players. At the same time, CS is infinitely replayable. Learning maps, and patience pays off in spades.

    So a new Counter Strike isn't much of a surprise - except that it isn't new, at all. What CS Global Offensive does is provide Counter Strike to the console kiddies. I initially saw this and figured that I'd skip it. Even so, the low price ($15) and promise of enhanced graphics made me give it a shot.

    So what's the verdict? It's Counter Strike - which in a lot of ways is a good review. Valve didn't screw the game up, it retains most of what makes CS a classic. I classic mode it plays almost identical to CS:Source - WITH the same old maps. This is somewhat of a disappointment, some new maps would be welcome. The maps that are here are the smaller ones or condensed versions to support the underpowered consoles, particularly the PS3. The game includes "gun game" which adds 6 new maps, all very small, to the mix. The small maps actually work well for the game type because they force confrontation and keep the action high. The rounds I played were a lot of fun, and small maps are memorized very quickly.

    Graphics are a mixed bag. Textures are updated and a few effects, such as the way glass crazes, have been added. But overall the game looks pretty much that same as CS:Source. The models have been updated and offer some variety. The guns are more detailed and match the level of visuals in Modern Warfare and other newer shooters. Visually, this isn't Battlefield 3, but it still looks decent.

    So, is it worth it? That depends. Do you want to play against friends who only have consoles? If so then yes. Will slight graphic improvements make the game more pleasurable? Then yes. Officially supported modes like Gun Game (Arms Race) are a blast to play and the maps are well designed to support them. This alone may be worthy of $15. But ultimately, it's still CS.

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