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Discussion in 'Iran' started by Thomas2305, Jan 24, 2012.

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    First I'll start buy saying I very much agree with the Obama Administration's economic bomb were presently dropping on Iran. This is a good strategy that has a great chance of success. This could possibly incite a revolution leading to the collapse of the regime. Now I don't know if i speak for many Americans but it seems as if my security at home now seems a little more dependent on the Iranian people. Could we rely on them to take the helm and release the world of this threat.

    If I recall we tried this once with Saddam. The sanctions, the international pressure...the "diplomatic way". But as we seen the only ones to suffer were the Iraqi people and yet the caged dog seemed to thrive during this. I'd say our push towards an Iraqi revolution did not quite blossom the way we hoped it would. At the same time we made an enemy with the people and thus led to us having to get our hands dirty. Now if you think it will work this time around well lets say you are setting the bar pretty high. To a sadistic "caged" regime that thinks it they're god's will to "destroy Zionism" and puts no value on life and has no love for its own people this just does not seem possible. This is our good showing to the world before we do what we must and thats putting boots on the ground. I believe this is a long time coming. Weigh in tell me what you think and GOD BLESS AMERICA
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